Have you ever thought that the best restaurant in the city could be located in the Soviet-time factory? Most probably no, but this is not the case with Yerevan. A restaurant with no official name that is situated at the premises of the carpet factory is one of the best restaurants of the Armenian cuisine in Armenia. During this tour we will first the factory and see how the famous Armenian carpets are made. Then, we will have a tour at the carpet museum with ancient carpets with some of them several hundreds years old. After the tour we will have a dinner where our culinary expert will introduce you many interesting platesdishes of Armenian cuisine and enjoy local food and wines.

We meet on agreed time and drive you to the restaurant
Our guide will greet you at the premises
Tour at the carpet factory to see how the real hand-made carpets are produced
Tour at the carpet museum
Every day
you can book online or by telephone

FOOD YOU WILL SAVOR We will have selection of the following main courses:
Assorted Tolma – green leaves and cabbage tolma made in Western Armenian style
Signature meat dish from Chef
Signature fish dish from Chef
Jingyalov hats – a traditional Karabakhi flatbread stuffed with 14-17 finely diced herbs and green vegetables (seasonable)

VEGETARIAN menu is available on request.
Assorted Armenian cheese (5 types)
Akhtamar – an Armenian fish salad
Shushan and more – a salad from varied greens
Beans and rishta (pastry) salad
Green pepper staffed with carrot, beaeroot and celery
Seasonal vegetables
Seasanla greens
Armenian desserts collection

Armenian home made wine
Kompot, a traditional home-made quince beverage
Still and Sparkling water
Armenian herbs tea OR coffee