Breakfast of Heroes – an ideal tour for real foodies and people who want to get acquainted with the Armenian gastronomic culture.
One of the most important and perhaps oldest dishes of the Armenian cuisine, Khash is now very popular among locals and has become a real ceremony held according to certain rules and habits. It is served as a breakfast with garlic sauce and eau-de-vie. A real Breakfast of Heroes!
During the breakfast in a traditional Armenian restaurant, you will enjoy Khash with mulberry oghi, a traditional Armenian eau-de-vie from Nagorno Karabakh. With our culinary guide, you will learn when and how to eat Khash and whom to toast during the ceremony, as well as the and stories and the legends formed around the delicacy.
After this tour, you can take part in a real khash ceremony with locals!

Meet-up in the morning in the center of Yerevan.
Walk down to the restaurant (3-minute walk)
The culinary guide will teach you how to eat Khash, what the traditional toasts are to be exhorted during the ceremony and what the legends and stories of the dish are.
The tour is available every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Mashed garlic, served in a traditional way
Tsitsak- a favorite Armenian spicy pepper
Ttu- selection of pickled vegetables (tomatoes, carrot, cabbage, etc.)
Kanachi- selection of herbs popular in the entire country
Armenian cheese plate
White radish
Dried lavash
Fresh lavash

Mulberry oghi, a traditional Armenian eau-de-vie from Nagorno-Karabakh
Sparkling/Still Spring Water