Canyoning is a kind of outdoor activity closely related to Hiking, Rock Climbing, Swimming, Cliff Jumping, and is a hybrid of all of them. It is a truly wild water park comprising elements of extreme.
Participant Requirements: Height- 140cm to 190cm, weight limit- 110 kg
Swimming skills are preferable.
Minimum number of participants- 4, maximum number of participants-12․
Canyoning in Devil's Bridge
Canyoning in Khosrov Forest and Off Road Tour
Canyoning in Lichk
Canyoning in Tatev
Canyoning at Devil's bridge nearby the Tatev monastery. Distance from Yerevan- 250km.
Degree of difficulty- easy (3 out of 10). Duration- 2.5 hours.
Canyoning in Khosrov nature in reserve, canyoning and off road tour in reserve. Waterfalls 5m, 7m, 25m. Distance from the capital Yerevan 45km. Degree of difficulty - easy (3 out of 10). Duration 3 hours.
The canyoning route is a cascade of waterfalls from which people climb down on ropes, slide and jump. There is another mini-route, with small pools smoothly overflowing one into another, a great place for gliding and jumping. Distance from Yerevan 350km. Difficulty - 5 out of 10.
A route for experienced ones. Cascade of waterfalls with strong flow. Height - 7m to 70m. 16 in total, only half can be completed in one day, the second half is safer. Maximum number of participants - 4. Distance from Yerevan 250km. Difficulty - 8 out of 10. Duration 6-7 hours.