CULINARY MASTER CLASS During this tour, we will drive to our villa in the Northern part of Yerevan (15-20 min drive from city center) to enjoy a master class by a culinary Kxpert. During the master class, we will learn how to make Khorovats, an Armenian specialty. We will follow the traditional way of making it– starting with eggplants, pepper, and tomatoes, then pork, lamb and beef, and ending with potatoes.
The master class will be held by an experienced Armenian cuisine chief. He will reveal to you small secrets about how the traditional khorovats is made.
During the tour, you will have a great time at the nice villa with a pool, located in a northern part of Yerevan with a beautiful view to the down town and mountain Aragats.

We will pick you up at an agreed time and drive you to the villa.
The English-speaking guide and the culinary expert will greet us there.
The tour will begin with a light refreshment.
Then, it will proceed to the khorovats-making process.
The chef will tell us about the local traditions, how and what shall be done during the process.
You can cook and prepare the food yourself three times a week.

Khorovats, an Armenian pork/lamb/beef barbecue served with barbecued tomato, eggplants, pepper and potatoes
Lavash and matnaqash

Armenian wine
Oghi (an Armenian wild pear eau-de-vie)
Kompot, a traditional home-made fruit beverage (peach or quince)
Spring Water
Armenian traditional thyme and mint tea served with selection of Anoush (fruit/berry dessert)

SPECIAL You can book a master class on making Tolma, Kebab, Ghapama (an Armenian pumpkin specialty), Khashlama, Pilafs, Harisa and other Armenian specialties. Please check the details with our team.