Taste the Armenian food and enjoy national music!
The Duduk Show in Armenia is an excellent opportunity to experience the Armenian cuisine and the traditional folk music, including the legendary ancient woodwind instrument- Duduk. The Duduk show features a dinner serving traditional Armenian dishes, which will be nicely complemented by the authentic music played by an Armenian folk ensemble. The dinner will be served at a tradition Armenian restaurant. If you want to experience the Armenian cuisine and music, then you have come to the right place.

Our driver will pick you up at an agreed time and drive you to the show venue.
An English-speaking staff will greet you and wait on you during the entire evening.
Armenian national food and wine.
Armenian national live music show.
The tour is available every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Khorovats, an Armenian pork barbecue served with barbecued potato
Qari Qufta- minced beef, prepared in a traditional way and served with Armenian emmer wheat pilaff (hacharov plav)
Armenian salad
Eech (traditional bulgur salad)
Red bean salad)
Cheese plate- assorted Armenian cheese (5 types)
Qamats Matsun OR Rejan (Armenian national dairy products)
Kanachi- a selection of herbs popular in the entire country
Matnaqash (Armenian national bread)

Armenian wine OR beer
Tarkhuni, a traditional sparkling non-alcoholic beverage
Still and Sparkling water
Armenian traditional thyme and mint tea OR coffee