Visit two historic medieval monasteries as you travel between the villages of Saghmosavan and Ohanavan. Just a 45-minute drive from Yerevan, this trail will take you back in time.

History and architecture buffs will not be disappointed by this trail, as the monasteries here played important roles in the history of Armenian Christendom. You'll follow the Kasagh River Canyon while hiking between the 13th-century Saghmosavank Monastery and the 4th-century Hovhannavank Monastery. Both are perched atop the picturesque canyon. Along the way, you'll encounter the ruins of the 4th-century Gregory the Illuminator Church.

Please note that there are actually two trails, one that goes above the canyon and one that goes into the canyon. This trail is the one that goes into the canyon, which uses old restored trails in the Saghmosavank area that gently wind you down into the river gorge. Be wary of snakes in the gorge in the spring, and keep in mind that there are two short sections where the trail consists of small boulders that need to be traversed.

Duration - 3.5h
Length - 7.9km
Level of difficulty - EE