This trail starts in the village of Dsegh, birthplace of an Armenian writer Hovhannes Tumanyan. Passing through a local forest, the trail takes you all the way to the main regional highway, and loops back to the village following a beautiful river valley.

On your way down from Dsegh (if you went left) you'll notice a natural water fountain made famous by the Soviet Armenian movie "Giqor," a 1982 drama based on a Tumanyan poem of the same name. While hiking, keep an eye out for various khachkar-s (cross-stones) along the route, before you reach the beautiful ruins of St. Bardzrakash Monastery. You can find stunning medieval stone carvings at the ruins, with many of them gathered together just outside the village under temporary cover.

Before you reach the main road, the trail loops following the river, taking you back via an alternate route that follows the river valley. Follow that valley until you reach a junction directional sign that shows you to the villages of Karinj and Tumanyan, while following the trail back up continues the loop back up to Dsegh, exactly where you started. Once you get back up to the Dsegh plateau you will come across the ruins of an old chapel and some small cross-stone carvings. As you continue further, there is the wonderful and scenic cross-stone called "Sirun Khach".

Duration - 4h
Length - 8.7km
Level of difficulty - EE