Amongst the higher slopes of Dilijan National Park, a few peaks appear to dominate the landscape: the magnificent mountaintops you'll come across on this trail! We recommend packing camping gear and making this a multi-day hike as the trail length is one-way and there are options to explore more beautiful peaks (more on that below).

Starting at the end of the Shamakyan street the trail takes you to the narrow streams up the valley. There, you'll find yourself among traditional mountain huts, a conglomeration of abandoned Soviet vehicles and random constructions providing shelter. If your timing is right, you might come across a few friendly villagers who will surely offer you a bite and a sharp boost of strong homemade brandy!

Beyond this point, you'll have the mountain all to yourself. If you are ready for a challenge and have the right gear, go ahead and try to reach the peaks. The vastness of the space defies perspective; the further you walk, the further the peaks seem, and every new peak conquered reveals another one behind it. Pass through the rough, alien-like terrain and you will be rewarded by the unspeakable beauty of Dilijan National Park. The last peak on your journey is the natural border between the Tavush and Lori Provinces – once you make it there, treat yourself with panoramic views of the region!

Important notes on the trail: Mount Andzavabatsat (2,420m) is the first peak of the trio separated Tavush and Lori regions. Beyond Andzavabatsat lie the twin peaks of Ayrikar – Eastern Ayrikar (2,767m) and Western Ayrikar (2,781m). Located between Eastern Ayrikar and Mount Andzavabatsat, there is a cliff which is visible from the city of Dilijan which the locals also refer to as Ayrikar. The cliff itself is not the true actual peak of either Ayrikar, but it is still a great viewpoint and stone formation. Be weary though, as the trail is not marked to the next two peaks which would be an additional 6-7km hike one-way and an additional 361m elevation gain.

Duration - 3.5h
Length - 6km
Level of difficulty - EE