Hike from one historic village to another, crossing old stone footbridges and stopping at a partially-restored 13th century monastery along the way. Note that this is a section of The Janapar Trail that extends 275km (170mi) across the Republic of Artsakh.

Begin your hike at the north end of the village, heading up the road towards the cemetery. If you can't find it, simply ask someone for the gerezmanots (cemetery) to find the trailhead. Starting from the hillside above the cemetery, follow the marked trail along the cemetery fence heading northwest and away from the village. From there, continue along a clearing for 5 minutes before entering the forest. The forest starts off scrubby and dense, but gradually opens up, with towering beech trees and light, green undergrowth.

There are only one or two forks on the following section of the trail, and they are well marked. From the main road, you can turn left and head up to Gitchavank Monastery, which is only 5 minutes up the road. After spending time exploring, just head back down the same road you came.

Continue heading down the road, and the trail markers will eventually turn right towards the river below. After passing a large field, you'll drop down to cross the river via an old bridge. Continue to follow the trail through another forest section and you'll come across another old stone bridge. The trail eventually arrives at Mets Tegher village, where you turn right, and head down to the main North-South highway of Artsakh. Cross the highway and follow the signs and blazes through open fields, and then cross the highway a second time just before arriving at Azokh village. Upon entering Azokh there are a couple of markets. Once in the village you'll find a couple markets - we recommend getting some smoked fish (it's good!) and other food and supplies you may need for your journey if you wish to continue on.

Duration - 6h
Lenght - 16.8 km
Level of difficulty - EE