This trail plunges deep into a gorge of vertical cliffs, sharp boulders and jagged terrain. At the end, a secret waterfall whispers the ancient secret of the forest. Can you hear it?

Please note that this trail mainly follows a river which at times requires many crossings and traversing up some slippery terrain. Only the first half of this trail should be considered family friendly.

The trail begins at the abandoned railway tracks near the Dilijan National Park Visitor Center. As you cross the tracks and descend into a gorge, you enter another realm. The sounds of the highway traffic are swapped for the sounds of birds; the artificial colors of concrete turn to shades of green; and the smell of the city is replaced by the blossoming trees. Listen to the forest from within or from the rest-point at the balcony-like plateau that punctures through the trees.

Follow the blazes and rows of colorful mushrooms, jumping across the stream and clambering up rocks. On your way up, watch out for what's known as the Man in the Mountain, a natural formation in the cliff that looks like the somber silhouette of a man staring into the distance. Just up ahead are the waterfalls and the end of the trail. You will come across one hidden in a narrow gorge - don't be misled by it into thinking this is the finish. Carry on a few hundred meters more to find the final hidden waterfall; a textured wall sculpted into modern-art by the river. Take a moment in the depths of this old forest to admire the detail of the landscape under the trees, before leaving and covering it with its blurred blanket of leaves.

Duration - 2.5h
Length - 3.3km
Level of difficulty - EE