It does not take much to find a traditional food restaurant while abroad. But it is a matter of chance whether it would be a tourist restaurant with high prices and average food or a real foodie place where locals also dine. We offer you dining tours at the restaurants famous within local foodie circles. These restaurants are mainly located in residential areas of Yerevan and are not among common tourist sites.

We will meet on agreed time and drive you to the restaurant
Our food guide will greet you at the restaurant
Armenian national food and drinks
every day
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Tpov Tolma – green leave tolma, served with matsun (traditional Armenian milk product)
Assorted Khorovats, an Armenian pork/veal/lamb barbecue made on the manghal (open fire)
Selection of Kebab, minced beef/chiken/lamb prepared on the manghal (open fire)
Parda, liver prepared on the manghal (open fire)
Havi khorovats, chicken prepared on the manghal (open fire)
2-and-1, an Armenian traditional lamb barbecue with 2 pieces of meat and 1 piece of dmak (the fatty end part of the lamb that serves as a tail)
Dmakov Pletch – potato and lamb grilled on the manghal (open fire)

VEGETARIAN main courses:
Loliki Khorovats – tomato grilled on the manghal (open fire)
Smbuki Khorovats – egg-plants grilled on the manghal (open fire)
Bibari Khorovats – pepper grilled on the manghal (open fire)
Pasuts tolma – cabbage leave tolma with red beans, peas, rice
Vochkhari panir – traditional Armenian sheep milk cheese
Horats cheese – traditional Armenian goat/sheep milk cheese with mint/dried greens stored in clay jars
Gomeshi qamac matsun – traditional Armenian matsun made from buffalo milk
Rejan (Armenian national dairy product)
Thal (beef prepared in a traditional way)
Ershikeghen – a selection of charcuterie – Basturma, Sujukh, Home-made pork filet, Sal, Erebuni (beef filet)
Kanachi: selection of the Armenian green leaves – rehan, tarkhun, kotem, samit, maghadanos
Spicy green pepper

Armenian wine OR oghi (eau-de-vie from dogwood, pear, peach, mulberry OR apple)
Serqevili Kompot, a traditional home-made quince beverage
Tarkhuni, a traditional sparkling non-alcoholic beverage
Still and Sparkling water
Armenian coffee (made in jazzve (coffee pot) on hot sand