LAKE SEVAN FOOD TOUR During this tour, we will drive to lake Sevan – a must-see destination in Armenia (around 1-hour drive from Yerevan). We will walk around the lake and the peninsula, visit a medieval monastery and enjoy great food.
The restaurant you will visit is located on the shore of Lake Sevan, so you will get to enjoy the food and the fantastic atmosphere of the lake.
During the tour, you will taste the local fish and the famous Sevan crayfish as a delicacy– the crayfish kebab.
OPTION: A boat transfer from the peninsula to the fish restaurant can be organized as well.

You will be picked up at an agreed time and be taken you to Lake Sevan.
An English-speaking guide will be with you during whole journey.
The tour will start off with a nice walk on the peninsula and a visit to the monastery.
Then, it will proceed to a lovely relaxing time on the beach.
Afterwards, you will go to the restaurant where, during the meal, the chef will tell you all about the local fishing traditions. The famous Sevan trout and lobsters can be enjoyed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Fish Gata – whitefish from lake Sevan, prepared in a special way
Lake Sevan crayfish
Barbecued fish
Crayfish kebab
Matnaqash (locally made Armenian national bread)

Armenian wine OR Armenian beer
Oghi (an Armenian eau-de-vie)
Kompot, a traditional home-made fruit beverage (peach or quince)
Spring Water
Armenian traditional thyme and mint tea or coffee served with a selection of Anoush (fruit/berry dessert)