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Starling Offers Best of Armenian National Cuisine to Our Guests!

Starling Travel Club is happy to announce the launch of new project concentrated on Wine and Food experiences in the capital of Yerevan and regions of Armenia.

We are pleased to state that these tours are unique and full of content that will not leave you indifferent.
You will be offered the best selection and wide range of food tours - from wine and cheese degustation and individual cooking classes to grandiose dinners with shows. You can join a group or order a private experience.
Our food and wine English-speaking experts and professional team offer top quality service to our clients. From hidden marans (wine cellars) to national restaurants popular among locals - these are the places we will take you during the tours. Enjoy Armenian food - from well-known khorovats and khash to unknown vegetarian dishes from alpine meadows of the Armenian highland!
You can check the menu right here!