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Starling in the Yell Extreme Park

During the Covid-19 total lockdown, when one of the most affected industries as tourism sector is, we do not lose our hopes for recovery of the situation to normal life and resumption of tourist flow to Armenia as soon as possible.

Considering the hard times economies face nowadays, we are proud to announce that Starling Travel Club and Yell Extreme Park became partners. We especially appreciate such an approach to business during the lockdown when there is no clear picture of tomorrow and we thank our partner.

Being located in the heart of the astonishing Yenokavan mountains Yell Extreme Park is a real paradise for those who want to combine adrenaline and eco environment. It's two-hour drive from Yerevan, Capital of Armenia and two and half from Tbilisi, Capital of Georgia. This centralized position allows to attract adventure and nature lovers from the whole region. Park offers more than 10 unusual and creative activities and is recognized as one of the most unique amusement parks of the region.

Yell Extreme Park is one of the most recommended places to visit in Armenia for those who practice or would like to do extreme sports even without being professionals. The staff is professional, instructions provided precisely and not less important - Starling has special prices for its clients there.