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Starling and Scream of Soul

Starling is pleased to announce that Scream of Soul has become a partner for our travel and guide services. As a partner, SoS will bring a wealth of travel experience to our clients.

Canyoning and rope jumping, caving expeditions and rock climbing will be organized by our partners at highest level to make our clients amuse and wonder, discover and explore and a little bit scream!

Activities will take place in Yerevan and outside it, in Ashtarak, Sevan, Byureghavan, Tatev, Arzni, Bjni, Ohanavan and Vayots Dzor, which will allow you not only exoerience this unique emotions in Armenia but also see it when traveling to activity points.

During your way discovering Armenia you will see its most hidden caves and picturesque canyons, little waterfalls and rock of breathtaking high.

Our clients will have chance to experience the most iconic places of Armenian extreme tourism on Devil's Bridge and Hell's Canyon, see the Khosrov Forest and have an off road tour there. And all this became possible due to Scream of Soul. We thank our new partner and wish us all unforgettable emotions and memories.