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Starling Travel Club highly values the social and environmental impact of its activity. Apart from the multifarious cultural exchange and highly inclusive travel experience the company strives to provide, it also seeks to widen the extent of its touristic occupation and bring positive changes in the local society and environment. For this reason, Starling continually broadens the network of local non-governmental organizations and social entrepreneurships it cooperates with.

The firstborn of the kind was our partnership with the "Sevan Youth Club" NGO and its adjunct social entrepreneurship, the "Bohem" Studio-Teahouse located in Sevan, Armenia.

Sevan Youth Club NGO (SYC) is located in the center of the town of Sevan and is available to all of the residents of the area. SYC offers language and art clubs and frequently undertakes cultural, environmental, social, and other types of projects targeting the needs of the local community in order to improve the quality of life of those living in Sevan. SYC takes especial pride in including all the members of society and reaching out to those most in need of the NGO's services. The goal of the organization is also to support the local youth in its development of talents, skills, hobbies, employment and the service provided to the town of Sevan.

"Bohem" studio-cafe is a social enterprise. The main purpose of the studio-cafe is to create a leisure and activity platform for young creative people. The space is called to create a cultural environment for self-realization and become one of the beloved places for inhabitants and guests of Sevan. 50+% of the generated revenue is used for projects pertaining to the development of cultural life in the city, such as the Sevan Music Festival. The studio-teahouse was opened within the sub-grant of the "Community Development through Social Entrepreneurship" project of the EU.

Starling Travel Club and the Sevan Youth Club NGO have devised an inspiring, one-of-a-kind initiative that can smoothly integrate into the touristic experience of any itinerary and bring positive changes into the local communities of the country and its environment. With the genuine willingness and resources provided by the Youth Club, Starling will involve all of its guests in tree planting and greening activities in the portion of the local old Soviet-time park of Sevan allocated for building a stage for the Sevan International Music Festival organized annually by the NGO. The purpose of the NGO is to use tree planting to turn the abandoned area surrounding the stage a much more attractive ambience for different social events and the outdoor leisure of the local public. The NGO wants to turn the greening initiative into a continuous environmental tradition. With the assets provided by the NGO for the planting, the guests of Starling will get to leave their mark in the development and preservation of the local life and environment. This is a unique chance for the tourist to leave in Armenia a lasting and influential legacy and establish permanent ties with it.

Starling Travel Club is intended to enlarge the network of its partnership, extended collaboration with a number of other state and non-governmental organizations.