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Urbanites love Yerevan

Why Urbanites Love Having Vacation in Yerevan

If you're a city dweller and want to spend some time away from your busy life, then Yerevan is the perfect place to visit. The capital of Armenia has much to offer to tourists, including a rich history, good food and drinks and it's easy to get around!

The city of Yerevan is a center of attraction for urbanites who want to get away from their busy lives.

Yerevan is a great place for urbanites to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It's also a great place for those interested in history as it has many historical sites that are worth exploring.
If you're looking for things to do in Yerevan, here are some suggestions:
Walk around in downtown near Republic Square and enjoy the architecture of this beautiful city. Many buildings here were built during Soviet times, but they still stand proudly today thanks to their sturdy construction methods using local materials like tuff stone (a type of limestone). You can find old churches as well as newer buildings with interesting designs such as the buildings on Hanrapetutyan (Republic) Street built in 1930s and combining modern architecture, or the house-museum of Sargis Muradyan (1930s) which has been converted into an art gallery showcasing both the works of local artists' as well as international exhibitions held there each year since 2013 when it opened its doors again after being closed since World War II.

Yerevan has a rich history with traces of its past seen everywhere.

Yerevan is an ancient city with a history that goes back more than 2,800 years. The city has many historical sites to visit and explore. You can see traces of its past everywhere you go - in the old buildings and churches, in the monuments on Tumanyan street or along Abovyan Street.
If you love history and want to learn more about Armenia's culture, there are plenty of museums that will give you insight into how things were once done here. One example is the Ethnographic Museum at Erebuni fortress where artifacts from ancient times are displayed alongside contemporary items such as clothing worn by local women today. And this list may go really long.
If you're a history buff, there are many museums and art galleries in Yerevan where you can learn about Armenian culture and history. Most of them are free so it's easy to spend an afternoon wandering around.
Here are 10 museums in Yerevan that will help you discover Armenia.
· History Museum of Armenia
· National Gallery of Armenia
· Matenadaran
· Ararate Brandy Factory Museum
· Ter-Ghazaryan’s Micro-Art Museum
· Sergey Parajanov Museum
· Erebuni historical-archeological Museum-Reserve
· Yerevan History Museum
· Aram Khachaturyan Museum
· Martiros Sarian House-Museum

Armenia's capital has a well-developed tourist infrastructure which makes it easy for tourists to explore the city.

Visitors can use the public transport, there are many hotels and hostels, information centers and one can always ask the locals how to get to their destination, and the locals are very friendly. One of the best things about Yerevan is that it's easy to get around. You can walk or take public transport, which is cheap and reliable. A taxi will not cost you a fortune either! In fact, a km ride on a Taxi will cost you 100 AMD only (0.25 EUR) + around 600 AMD as a minimal fee which makes it a very good option.
The public transport system in Armenia is not one of the best in the world but it is certainly one of the most unique ones. The one-direction transportation will cost you only 100 AMD which is 0.025EUR and you don’t need to waste time on buying tickets, you may pay cash directly to the driver when arriving at your destination. Also, the system is reliable, and buses are never late. Even if you don't speak Armenian, finding your way around won't be an issue because most signs are in English.
Along with wondering around easily, you may freely do it all alone as our capital is one of the safest cities in the world. It shares its status as a safe city with other European cities such as Ljubljana, Slovenia, and the Dutch city of Groningen, according to the Numbeo database (Jan 11, 2023).

There are many nice cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs in Yerevan.

Yerevan has many nice cafes and restaurants. The food they serve is very delicious, and you can taste the best of the Armenian cuisine here. They also have different kinds of drinks like wine, beer and coffee. If you want to spend time with your friends at night after work or school, Yerevan has many bars where you can listen to music and dance with them until late at night! Pub lovers will especially appreciate the bars being open till 4am.
The city is still in the process of shaping its entertainment geography. However, we can already advise where to go after your interests. The best cafes can be found in the beautiful area in the center called the Cascade. The pubs are mainly concentrated on Pushkin Street while national cuisine restaurants may be easily found on Amiryan Street. All 3 are downtown and close to each other in case you wish to organize a real night exploration of Yerevan cafes, restaurants, and pubs and just enjoy the laid-back rhythm of Yerevan night life.

There are many green spaces in the city where you can relax after a long walk through the streets of Yerevan.

The city is a great place to walk around and explore. Though the downtown is not big and it can easily be explored on foot, there are many parks and green spaces, where you can relax after a long walk through the streets of Yerevan. The downtown of Yerevan is surrounded with a belt of green zone, so no matter from which direction you approach the center, you will inevitably enter this or that park.
However, also within the “Green Circle of Yerevan”, one may find little parks perfect for resting, enjoying the environment, or even having a picnic. One of such parks is Saryan Park where the city’s painters display their paintings. A true gallery under open sky that makes this park unique and beautiful. It is very hard to miss Saryan Park as it is right in the neighborhood of Opera House, Cascade, on almost the Mashtots-Tumanyan crossroad.

When visitors come to Armenia they often have many questions about local foods and drinks so here's some information that may be helpful when planning your trip!

The Armenian diet is based on grains and vegetables, as well as meat. It's very similar to other Mediterranean diets in this regard. The local cuisine is extremely rich in using different variations of combinations of meat and vegetables with different spices, and worth mentioning is that the vegetarian food is available in all the restaurants whether you are in a fancy restaurant or in a much affordable, yet not a less interesting place.
Though the national drink is Armenian Brandy, Armenia has been producing wine for thousands of years and has a long history of winemaking dating back to the ancient times. Though wine has a central place in the alcohol industry of Armenia, it is also famous for its legendary brandy. The most popular brandy is Ararat which can be found at every restaurant or store throughout the country (or at least it seems like it!).
The local beer called Dargett will also surprise you with its wide variety of craft beers such as Weizen, Belgian Tripel, Apricot Ale, Pale Ale and others.
Though its not possible to write in a single blog what a traveler should anticipate from the Armenian cuisine, we surely can state that it will satisfy even a very demanding gourmet.

So why do big-city persons love vacationing in Yerevan

Because all the above-mentioned attractions, sights, museums, cafes, bars, and restaurants and many more are in the immediate vicinity. The city is big enough to offer everything one may wish to see and experience, and at the same time small enough not to exhaust the travelers or those relocating who wish to explore it from A to Z. The laid-back rhythm of Yerevan, its easily available services, and very particular approach to the day routine of locals, as many foreigners mention, changed their way of living in general. In addition to the abovementioned, the non-GMO food, beverages of local production of high quality will also color your stay in Yerevan with positive vibes.
The recent trend for the remote working people of moving to Yerevan for relocation from different parts of the world is yet another proof Yerevan is worth visiting.
We hope this article has been helpful to you. If you have any questions about visiting Yerevan, just reach out!