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You've got Everything you Need to Travel to Armenia?

You're about to travel to Armenia. You've got everything you need, right? Wrong! Unless you're careful, you could run into unexpected problems that will ruin your trip.

You may use a little help of a local

You may want to organize your trip to Armenia using as little help of a local tour operator as possible, for example to organize only the experiences or only the accommodation, maybe help you to write the perfect itinerary for your sole journey and it may appear that you find yourself in a situation when a  third-party services that you decided not to use the local operator for, are not being provided in a proper way or even worse, have been canceled. And now you are on your own and must spend precious time to solve the problem and that even can cost you a little more than you planned.

But there's a solution: Starling. Starling Travel Club is the best choice for traveling to Armenia because we have 24/7 customer service, individual approach to the travelers choosing us, being always in touch with our clients' specific needs. We also offer a fast solution, so if something goes wrong, it won't be long before you're back on track again.

Plus, Starling do not abandon its customers who chose to use us only to organize an experience. Recently a traveler who booked experiences had an unpleasant news finding out that their accommodation was canceled by the host. After addressing us with her problem the solution was found within an hour. Especially important is that our customers where two ladies of a respective age.  

However, do not hurry to check our customer testimonials in the sources like TripAdvisor and Expedia. We do not work with third parties. We work directly with our clients through direct bookings via our website

To find out how you may organize your stress-free vacation in Armenia, you are most welcome to contact us via multiple channels available for it, whether it is via email, through the website, WhatsApp etc.