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Winter Season in Armenia

As the temperature drops and snow covers the landscapes of Armenia, a magic transformation happens. In this blog, we invite readers to explore the experiences that winter brings to this ancient land. From snow-capped mountains to cozy traditions, discover the beauty and warmth that define Armenian winters.

Snow-kissed Landscapes

Snow-Covered Peaks of Mount Ararat

There's a unique magic that descends upon Mount Ararat when winter arrives. The towering peaks, often shrouded in myths and legends, are now under a pristine layer of snow. As you stand at vantage points, the white-capped grandeur of Mount Ararat against the clear winter sky is a sight that stays in the memory. The crisp mountain air and the silence interrupted only by the crunch of snow beneath your boots create a truly a unique feeling.

Frozen Beauty of Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan, the jewel of our mountains, undergoes a magical transformation as winter takes hold. The crystal-clear waters freeze along the edges, creating delicate patterns of ice. As you walk along the shores, the silence is broken only by the occasional creaking of ice. The frozen beauty of Lake Sevan invites contemplation, making it a tranquil escape for those seeking solitude.

Historic Sites Blanketed in White

Armenia's rich history is not overshadowed but rather emphasized by winter's touch. Ancient monasteries, fortresses, and historic villages become even more inviting when the snow falls and the temperature falls below zero. The monastic complex of Geghardavank, for example, takes on an ethereal quality as snow delicately outlines its intricate carvings. Exploring these sites during winter provides a unique perspective, where history and nature create scenes that feels like from fairy tales.

Winter Adventures in the Armenian Highlands

Skiing in Tsaghkadzor

Tsaghkadzor, translating literally means "Valley of Flowers," transforms into a snowy paradise during winter. The slopes, blanketed in fresh powder, beckon skiers. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice that wishes to learn, Tsaghkadzor offers a range of ski trails catering to all skill levels. Glide down the mountainside, surrounded by the quiet beauty of snow-laden trees, and feel the rush of cold air against your face. Though the resort is not that far from Yerevan, we still encourage to stay in the hotels if the town where you can feel the Christmas magic.

Snowshoeing in Dilijan National Park

For those seeking a slower-paced adventure that still packs a punch, Dilijan National Park is a snowshoer's dream. The forested trails, adorned with a snowy carpet, lead to hidden jams and panoramic views discovering the unique beauty that unfolds when the world is hushed beneath a blanket of snow.

Hot Air Ballooning over Snowy Landscapes

For a more serene yet equally awe-inspiring adventure, consider taking to the skies in a hot air balloon. Soar above the snow cover, where the world below is in winter's embrace.

Winter Rafting

For the past few years rafting has become one of the favorite activities in Armenia. In Lori Province you can go winter rafting this season! For all the adrenaline seekers, rafting in the Debed River will be an unforgettable experience. Special clothing and equipment can be rented on the spot. After the cold waters of Debed, there is a very nice bonus – a Furako bath! This Japanese style wooden bathtub can be placed either indoors or outdoors and the water in it can get heated anywhere up to 45 C. Furako bath will relax your body and harmonize all internal bio-streams. Welcome to Lori and a special rafting area along Debed!

Winter Festivals and Traditions

Armenian New Year Celebrations

The Armenian New Year, celebrated with zest and zeal, is a joyful occasion that marks the beginning of the winter festivities. The unique customs associated with this event, from the elaborate decorations that adorn homes to the traditional New Year's Eve dinner, where families gather to welcome the coming year. Through vivid descriptions and personal anecdotes, we delve into the heart of Armenian New Year celebrations, capturing the warmth and togetherness that define this family festive time.

Christmas Traditions in Armenia

While the Armenian Christmas is celebrated on January 6th, the traditions leading up to this date are an integral part of the winter festivities. The customs associated with Christmas, from the lighting of candles to the preparation of traditional dishes are different from those of Catholic and Orthodox traditions. Through heartwarming stories and images, we portray the deep spiritual significance and cultural richness of Armenian Christmas traditions.

Candlemas Day and Trndez

As winter begins to wane, Armenians celebrate Candlemas Day and Trndez, marking the purification of the Virgin Mary and the blessing of couples. Delve into the customs associated with these events, from the lighting of candles to the bonfires in the yards of the churches that symbolize the triumph of Christ’s light over darkness. It is a feast of purification in the Armenian Apostolic Church and Armenian Catholic Churches, celebrated 40 days after Jesus' birth. The two churches celebrate this on different days, the 13th (with celebrations on the eve of the 14th of February) and the 2nd of February. The celebration of the Trndez is Zoroastrian in origin and is originally connected with sun/fire worship in ancient pre-Christian Armenia, symbolizing the coming of spring and fertility.

Armenian Winter Cuisine


Winter in Armenia is synonymous with harissa, a dish that embodies comfort in every spoonful. Explore the origins of this hearty porridge made from wheat and meat, slow-cooked to perfection. From the first spoon to the lingering warmth it brings, harissa is more than a dish — it's a culinary embrace against the winter chill.

Khash: A Winter Tradition

No exploration of Armenian winter cuisine is complete without a mention of khash, a traditional winter soup made from boiled cow's feet. The cultural rituals surrounding the preparation and consumption of khash, often enjoyed in the early morning hours will catch your interest. We will tell you the secrets of the process of enjoying khash, providing insights into the communal spirit and unique flavors that make it a cherished winter tradition.

Gata: Winter's Sweet Indulgences

Gata is easily one of the most beloved Armenian desserts. It's a pastry with similarities to both croissants and rugelach, but with a personality of its own. Some call it nazook, but this typically refers to a walnut-filled version made by Iranian Armenians. Crisp on the outside, flaky within, with spirals of vanilla-laced sweetness throughout, it's a divine dessert any time of year. At winter it can be found in many family tables enjoyed with a warm cup of tea.

Aromatic Mulled Wine

To combat the winter chill, Armenians turn to mulled wine, a beverage that infuses warmth into every sip. Uncover the art of preparing aromatic mulled wine, combining locally sourced spices with rich red wine. Personal stories and tips for creating the perfect blend of flavors make our exploration of mulled wine a sensory journey, capturing the essence of winter in a cup.

Pomegranates and Winter Salads

Winter in Armenia is also the season of pomegranates, and their ruby-red seeds add a burst of freshness to winter salads. The art of crafting vibrant winter salads that marry the crispness of seasonal vegetables with the juiciness of pomegranate seeds is worth discovering. We encourage travelers to experiment with textures and flavors, creating salads that are not just healthy but a celebration of winter's bounty.

In conclusion, to embrace winter in Armenia is to step into a world where traditions are shared, adventures are written in the snow, and every bite is a celebration of the season's unique flavors. As the Armenian Highlands transform into a winter wonderland, the invitation is extended to all — revel in the festivals, embark on adventures, savor the cuisine, and witness the magic of a season that blankets Armenia in a layer of wonder and joy. Winter in Armenia is not just a season; it's an experience that leaves an indelible mark on the heart and soul, inviting all to become part of the story written in the snow.