Starling: Plogging Armenia
yellow plogging Armenia

Yellowest Plogging in Armenia

Hey Earth ploggers!
Here is the update on our yellowest and most autumnal plogging.
During Yellow Plogging, we plogged in several directions
About 80 participants joined us this time. Together we collected about 45 bags of plastic, 9 bags of paper and 20 bags of general waste.
While plogging, we had a fun contest with eco-gifts organized by our partner Teach For Armenia. The whole time we were accompanied by the autumn and yellow mood of the city.
Thanks to all our ploggers for joining us and making our country even cleaner.
We are extremely grateful to our partners Plogging Armenia, Teach For Armenia, Youngsters without borders - YWB and Birthright Armenia - Depi Hayk for their wonderful cooperation.
And you, a countryman, follow us and don't miss our exciting events.