Starling's Commitment to Environmental Protection

Our commitment to sustainable positive impact on our environment through our activities is in the core of our values and philosophy. This would be impossible without the tourists choosing Starling as their experience provider in Armenia. To bring this idea to life we proudly started our cooperation with Plogging Armenia initiative.

What you dont know

You have your part in this initiative. By choosing Starling as your experience provider in Armenia, you directly and indirectly contribute to the project development. Each guest of our homeland with or without being aware helps us to finance this initiative and make the regions of Armenia greener, cleaner, healthier and more attractive.

Sustainable positive impact

We highly value the social and environmental impact of its activity. Apart from the multifarious cultural exchange and highly inclusive travel experience the company strives to provide, it also seeks to widen the extent of its touristic occupation and bring positive changes in the local society and environment. For this reason, Starling continually broadens the network of local non-governmental organizations and social entrepreneurships it cooperates with.

Plogging Armenia's goal

Is the importance of healthy lifestyle and healthy environment in all regions of Armenia. With the help of Plogging, we provide both a healthy lifestyle through walking and running, as well as cleaning the environment. We are trying to make it a culture and spread it in all cities and villages of our country.
Surely over the years this movement will involve more and more people, and our main goal is to spread it and make it serve its purpose, because our planet is one and we have no option B.

How we do it

Every month we allocate certain funds to the Plogging Armenia initiative to hold the plogging events and we also provide them with plogging sticks to combat plastic pollution as effective as possible. Of course all this is possible thanks to you! Let's work together to keep our environment clean

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