We are a company of young professionals and enthusiasts that provide exceptional travel experiences to people willing to discover Armenia, see its people's way of life, build around passion, exploration, friendship and unforgettable memories


Every creative idea is bound to target a certain problem. Ours was the quality of travel. Starling Travel Club was thus founded to provide travel services to foreigners at revolutionary prices and flexibility to facilitate extensive, all-encompassing cultural exchange between Armenia and other cultures.
Even as students, we were very much eager to travel the world and see other countries, interact with many people, to get acquainted with their culture and share ours in return. Yet, we do all have a big number of friends from all over the world who, while travelling in our country, have experienced very little of what they could or should have seen. To tackle this problem, we seemed to have all that was needed. As young professionals with years of experience in travel industry, we were also very good friends. This bond was the spark that brought us to the realization that we can establish our own agency that would have as its mission allowing foreigners to experience comprehensive, all-encompassing, unique journeys across our little country.
The purpose of our activity is to help the inquisitive explore Armenia more deeply and discover more than it would usually be possible when addressing an average-quality company operating in the market.
Our core value is the touristic experience of our clients. We strive to provide travel services that will exceed expectations. We have developed our very own tour packages that can dexterously meet the individual and most ambitious needs of our clients.
An integral part of Starling's focus is also the social and environmental impact of its activity, currently facilitated through tree-planting and greening organized in a tiny little part of our planet.


Starling takes pride in giving the customers a choice of their specific accommodation needs. Certain corporate discounts are available, with preferred accommodation establishments.
Accounting services
Starling issues an invoice to the customer on receipt of a customer's instruction and post the following day. Tours, hotel, etc., are billed on receipt of the supplier's invoice. Statements are payable within seven (7) days from the date of the issued invoice.
Travel Information
We provide necessary, up-to-date, accurate and timely information regarding destinations mode of travel, accommodation, sight-seeing, shopping, customs clearance and procedure, health, and security rules information to tourists.
All team members work on all projects. We have assembled a friendly team of professionals.
Travel Guide
CEO / Tour Manager
Marketing Manager


Starling positions itself as an exceptional experience provider and not as an average company in the market. We want to provide our clients with once in a lifetime experiences and provide them with the best guides and programs that are made by us and are not common in the market.
You are worth it!
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E-mail: info@starling.am
Phone: +374 94 477 466