A Journey through Armenian Vineyards

Just two hours south of Yerevan, in Armenia's Vayots Dzor region you can discover beautiful hikes, exciting cultural heritage sites and traditions, and some of Armenia's best wineries. Travelers can enjoy climbing the iconic staircase at St. Astvatsatsin church in the Noravank monastic complex, hiking with Bezoar goats in the Gnishik Community-Managed Protected Area, sipping wine near spectacular vistas, and discovering an array of activities.

From 48700 AMD

  • Visit to the Vayots Dzor region south from Yerevan to learn about Armenian winery traditions. Tour in the Areni 1 Cave and Wineries, the Museum, and the Showroom.
  • A day of exploring Vayots Dzor's winemaking facilities, the process of production process and tasting.
  • Lunch at the Restaurant. The guests will enjoy a full Armenian menu that will fully compliment the wine table.
10 Hours approx
Cancellation up to 24 hours in advance

What's Included

A guided food and wine tour to savor a wide variety of traditional Armenian wines and cuisine

Visit 2 wineries and learning the wine production process. Tour of the factory and exhibition hall

Participate in demonstrations and engage in Q&A sessions with the winemakers

Learn about the cultural significance, historical context, and stories

Flexibility in case of force majeure events

Air-conditioned vehicles

Armenian wine tasting day tour
  • Wine Enthusiasts: If you appreciate the art of winemaking and love discovering unique flavors, this tour offers a delightful exploration of Armenian wines.
  • Travelers Seeking Experiences: For those eager to delve into local culture, the 1-Day Wine Tour provides an enriching experience, connecting you with Armenia's wine heritage.
  • Couples & Friends: Whether you're on a romantic getaway or a fun-filled day out with friends, this tour creates memorable moments, toasting to friendship and shared adventures.
  • Curious Explorers: If you're curious about the world of wines, from vine to glass, this tour offers a friendly and accessible introduction to the complexities of Armenian winemaking.