From ancient Erebuni to modern Yerevan, Winetasting and more

From 36,000 AMD

  • Guided walking-tour through the center of Yerevan.
  • From ancient history to a laid-back culture.
  • Lunch at Megeryan carpets will open before you the delicious flavors of the Armenian cuisine and teach you about the intricacies of the national carpet-making traditions.
  • Winetasting at inVino.
  • Tour at Martiros Saryan's House Museum/Gallery.
  • Concert, Dance Concert or Jazz Concert (subject to availability).
9 Hours approx
Cancellation up to 24 hours in advance

What's Included

9-hours fully-featured outdoor tour

Foreign language professional TOUR-GUIDE service

Full ground transportation, including hotel pick-up


Vegetarian-friendly food arranged upon request

Entrance Fees

Trips to museums

COVID-19 protection measures

Yerevan day tour
  • History Enthusiasts: If you're fascinated by ancient civilizations and archaeological marvels, Erebuni Fortress will captivate your imagination.
  • Wine Aficionados: For wine lovers keen on discovering unique varietals and tasting the essence of Armenian terroir, the wine-tasting experience is a highlight.
  • Urban Explorers: If you enjoy the buzz of vibrant cities and love to explore modern cultural hubs, Yerevan's dynamic atmosphere will enchant you.